Sweet Hut, a chain store situated in Sri Petaling, has won the hearts of Malaysians as a go-to local dessert destination. The design of this corner lot store aimed to create a comfortable and cosy “third place” for customers to relish their favourite treats. To achieve this goal, the design concept was kept simple yet functional, with ample seating arrangements and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The store’s design incorporates a tropical theme and colours that complement Malaysia’s climate, resulting in a fun and light atmosphere. The use of vibrant colours and a tropical motif creates a relaxed and happy mood that is perfect for a dessert store. Additionally, the design concept blends traditional elements such as air bricks and motive print tiles that are commonly used in olden day homes in Malaysia. This unique blend of traditional and modern design elements adds a layer of authenticity and familiarity, making customers feel at home while enjoying their desserts.

Sweet Hut in Sri Petaling is a welcoming and enjoyable space for customers. The simple yet functional design, combined with a tropical theme and traditional design elements, gives Sweet Hut a fresh and lively outlook, making it a popular destination for the locals.