International Property Awards

Project: EAS Office
Title: Award Winner Office Interior Malaysia
2023 – 2024
Category: Office Interior

EAS Office spans across 10,000sqft with a design concept that aims to create a dynamic and collaborative workspace that aligns with the client’s business values and promotes a sense of purpose. Inspired by the concept of an “internet utopia,” the design reflects the belief in the power of online communication for fostering a democratic and libertarian society that values privacy and anonymity. Each space in the office is characterized by different colors, allowing employees the freedom to work based on their mood and enhancing the youthful vibrancy that embodies the principles of their work and fast pace nature of the digital world.


International Property Awards

Project: Iki Omakase
Title: Best Retail Interior Malaysia
Winner of Asia Pacific Awards 2022 – 2023 (5-Star)
Category: Retail Interior

Iki Omakase is a unique project where we refurbished and maintained the façade of the historic colonial structure while injecting Japanese features such as a Japanese Garden. The interior of the Omakase is a drastic contrast of the white exterior, where there were wooden elements and warmer colour schemes that sets the environment for an Omakase. It is a design that we are certainly proud of and one that honours both the colonial heritage and the Japanese culture.


International Property Awards

Project: Gamuda Gardens
Title: Best Retail Interior Malaysia & Best Office Interior Malaysia Winner of Asia Pacific Awards
2021 – 2022 (5-Star)
Category:Retail Interior & Office Interior

Gamuda Gardens Experiential Centre is an unforgettable project that spans across 10,000sqft. Its concept surrounds nature and how we best capture the natural landscape while working around the natural curvature of the land. It is a place of serenity and natural beauty, where the interior encapsulates nature at its best. One of the most unique features in the sales gallery as the wall behind the reception desk is a host for living tropical plants. These tropical live plants are carefully selected to ensure that they survive and thrive in an indoor environment.

International Property Awards

Project: Twentyfive.7
Title: Award Winner Retail Interior Malaysia & Best Office Interior Malaysia, Award Winner of Asia Pacific Awards 2021 – 2022
Category:Retail Interior & Office Interior

Twentyfive.7 is an experiential centre that captures a forward-thinking design that combines the concept of deconstructivism and prism form. It was a project that is close to our hearts as we love the play of transformation textures, colours and finishes that appeals to the younger crowd.