The Residents Clubhouse design concept is inspired by a tropical island paradise vibe, incorporating elements such as coral, sea plants, and a scenic sea view. Level 1 features a deep blue colour scheme that complements the greenish flooring, with a custom-made gold wavy sign shaped like coral at the entrance. The main lobby seating area has a curved layout that complements the ceiling design, and there’s a separate guest holding lounge for private meetings.

Level 2 facilities include an open terrace, surau, kid’s room, gym, and reading room. The kid’s room features a treasure island theme with tropical coconut trees, a climbing net, and oversized blue dots that represent bubbles in the sea. The reading room boasts a curvilinear book rack, with different terrains of mountain views on the wall and multi-layer elevated flooring for freestyle seating.

The outdoor area features custom-made wicker furniture in various colours, with a unique wavy-liked bench made from external outdoor fibre-manufactured wood material in different shapes, supported internally by metal poles and locked by bolts. The design aims to provide a harmonious and peaceful oceanic colour scheme and atmosphere for residents and users to enjoy.