Rise Advisory is a leading insurance business and recruitment agency located on the second floor of The Curve. Their 3,000sq. ft space is designed to promote productivity, with an open work environment that encourages fluid movement.

The design concept of the space reflects Rise Advisory’s fast-paced industry. The use of race track and hexagon shapes in the design elements represents the company’s structure and business. The office is also designed to inspire employees with images of famous travel destinations, motivating them to work towards the company’s goals and travel together as a team.

Workspaces are strategically located in the centre of the office, with the games corner, pantry, lockers, manager’s office, and other meeting rooms surrounding the central area. This setup encourages focus and teamwork, allowing employees to work together in groups or individually without feeling isolated.

The vibrant colour contrast adds to the motivating and inspiring atmosphere of the office, creating a space that integrates work, play, and motivation. Rise Advisory strives to provide the best service for their customers and their office design reflects their commitment to excellence.

Overall, Rise Advisory’s office space is designed with the employee’s productivity and satisfaction in mind. The thoughtful design, inspiring imagery, and strategic layout combine to create a workspace that promotes a sense of belonging and encourages collaboration, all while maintaining the company’s high standards for customer service.