Iki Omakase is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where this 18th century colonial house was redesigned and refurbished to be a fine dining restaurant that captures the spiritual heart of Japan. Iki in Japanese roughly means ‘chic’ or ‘stylish’ and Omakase simply means that the customers allow the restaurant to decide what to serve their customers, which is usually sushi.

The design concept will not only allow customers to have an immersive experience through the food served at Iki Omakase, but also the ambiance in which the customers are entertained. In designing a Japanese Omakase, the historical façade was maintained while introducing Japanese elements into the structure by recreating a Japanese Zen garden and replicating the look and feel of an Omakase inside the colonial home.

A true union of history and culture, this made Iki Omakase look timeless – one that honors the Malaysian colonial past and embodies the Japanese culture all at once.