Costa Coffee at SS15 integrates a global brand identity with local nuances, creating a warm and welcoming space that resonates with the community it serves. The design incorporates local ‘batik’ art into its murals, weaving an illustrious journey of their coffee beans from plant to cup. This store has become a benchmark for the region, embodying the essence of “design local, drink global”.

The exterior of Costa Coffee SS15 adheres to the brand’s standard colour palette, maintaining continuity with its global identity. However, upon entering the café, the space is designed with thoughtful consideration of a clean and vibrant display, carefully curated, to capture attention. 

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Malaysian culture, the interior intricately blends the traditional batik drawing technique into the coffee plant leaves featured throughout the décor. This homage to local craftsmanship infuses the space with a unique identity, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of global and local influences. 

A standout feature of the design is its meticulously crafted wall mural that narrates the journey of coffee beans from growth to consumption. Embracing the batik technique, the mural weaves the global Costa Coffee chronicle into its storytelling, unveiling the history behind each cup. The incorporation of street art elements not only adds flair but also resonates deeply with Malaysians.

In creating a second place, the interior integrates familiar concepts of comfort known to locals, such as the lazy grandma’s colourful chair and the timeless rattan chair, contributing to the localization of the brand and creating a haven where patrons can unwind and make the space their own.